my  workshops are  For everyone.

FOR BEGINNERS – you’ll explore the world of art photography from inside.
just in 2 days you’ll get a lot of useful information you might need years to discover by yourself. 
FOR PROFESSIONALS – you’ll find new points of view, enrich your skills with new tricks to use in your work, widen your vision and get all your questions answered.
If you are feeling stuck and lack of inspiration and do not know what to do next,  this workshop will help you with new ideas.

you can Learn, how to

◉ create unique, pictorial, timeless photos.
◉ release  your imagination and develop your fantasy.
◉ learn how to put together  the creative puzzle of ideas, models, props, locations, lighting, clothing.
◉ know how to add painterly colours and magical atmosphere to your photos during the editing in photoshop.

some useful info

you are welcome to ask any kind of questions during the workshops.
you are welcome to ask for portfolio-review and to get a consultation about cameras etc.
you will need:
1. A camera, some lenses. If there is a possibility to grab several lenses with you it would be great, I’d suggest 35 mm, 50 mm, 85 mm,135 mm. if this is not possible, 50 mm suits for every occasion.
 2. something to write down the information.
3. Notebook is optional. Feel free to bring it with you if you want but there is no need in it.
audio-recording during photoshop part is allowed.
video-recording during photoshop part is prohibited.
If you’ve got any questions feel free to contact me via
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