Olga Kornilova  That was amazing! Like a step to a completely different level for me.

Anka is talented artist, great person and brilliant teacher!

She shares her unique experience, deep knowledge, wisdom, attitude and inspires to go further and implement this knowledge.
The workshop was well structured and filled with inspiring atmosphere. I enjoyed every moment during those 2 days — useful theory part was followed by great practice, reviews of works and portfolio with honest and professional feedback and advices given in a constructive way, photoshop editing techniques.
My expectations have been exceeded. And I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who has an interest in art of photography!Thank you so much!»

Peter Stavrinides  Anka is not only an exceptional artist, but also a gifted teacher. It was a revelation to me to watch her work and share her ideals & thoughts about art and photography. Her images inspire and touch so many people, and this is because she is able to communicate in an enigmatic way through her fine art photography. She sees things the way most can not, and she then is able to communicate it visually. This is more valuable a skill to me to learn than any other I can think of, and Anka reveals her perspective so richly, which really inspires you view things in a new light. Whether you are an experienced photographer or a beginner, it doesn’t matter because you can learn a great deal from her. The most valuable thing I took away from her workshop was the insight and clarity of thought she brings to the creative process, and how to translate this from conception all the way through to post production. These are indeed rare skills to learn in a workshop.


Ingrid April  Anka’s workshop has been life changing for me I’m sure. Not only I have learned so much but I feel so inspired and confident to go ahead and do things my own way! Dear Anka, thank you for the incredible experience, I can’t say enough how much I needed it. You have given me so many things to think about…. Thanks for being so incredibly open and inspirational! 


Eglė Laurinavičė

I had a very wonderful experience at your workshop in Kaunas. You have changed my point of view. You have inspired me so much. I’m so happy I could be in the masterclass. And I really hope, I’ll join you, Anka, the next workshops in Lithuania!

«So, it happened… I thought that she is a great artist. Also thought that her work is touching and magnificent. I wondered how is she. And, oh my… she IS magnificent and so wonderful and so simple and great. I learned so much from her — not only during workshop, but also as a person. She teaches openly about what she feels, what she sees and how things have to be done. Combination of all — right moment, right details, right mood, right selection, right post — production. Big creation in just two days with a whole huge tail of thoughts whitch will last for long I guess, for all of us who attended the workshop in Kaunas. I know, I became better in photography, also I believe, I became better in person. It was my first big responsibility to organize an event like that. And all I can say — Anka helped me feel calm and confident with that. Even in moments when I was so afraid that something will go wrong, she was always positive and believing. It was a lot! Thank you, Anka, for what you are and what you give. Thank you for making my artist inside to wake up a little more. For russian lessons 🙂  I hope and believe that the first meeting and friendship will be continued. I hope to see you again in Lithuania. For another creation. For another good time. Also, I owe you to show around a little more of Lithuania Miss you already


Francesca Ciavarella

It was a pleasure meet you in Rome. Two days spent watching your work were amazing. Your work method is impressive, totally dedicated. You are a continuos inspiration like photographer, meet you a dream come true.

Greeting from pizza land! Thank you for all Anka

Francesca Pangallo

I love her world and her way of communicating it to others! Great workshop in Venice!


Anita Michniewska

I had a chance to meet Anka some time ago in Złodziejewo. I have always been inspired by Ania’s wonderful work. I was interested how she creates magic in her photos, where the inspiration comes from, what Photoshop skills you need to achieve such effects. Naturally, she teaches and explains these things during her workshops but there is something else hidden behind the essential education she gives. It is something more than pure teaching. She points at things which are around, components of your inner life which lead you to desired results. Not only is Anka a brilliant artist but a person too 

Damian Drewniak

it is sometimes hard to grasp something in words, because what you get from someone, is worth far more than merely a conglomeration of letters. I had a great pleasure to meet Ania at a workshop in Złodziejewo. Attending workshops means meeting different people. Some people want to share all their knowledge with you, others not quite so. Some are better at sharing their experiences and some are worse. For me, my feelings and what I have experienced, Ania gives all her ‘photographic’ self right out. In short, I can only say that meeting her has turned my photographic ‘know-how’ upside down…well maybe used the wrong phrase here; it’s put it on the right track. Watching Ania work, the way she talks about her work and her approach to it — it’s all a true pleasure. She injects passion to create into the workshop participants. She forces them to creative thinking rather than just to mindless pressing of the shutter button. Ania’s changed my overall approach to photography. Right… from that moment I’ve been trying to create, and not just press the shutter. I’m sure of one thing, I have been a better photographer since the workshop with Ania.
Ania … a big thank you … I hope I will have the pleasure to create under the watchful eye of yours yet again. It has been a fantastic experience.


Ksenia Borzenka

I am quite new to fine art photography. I wanted a course that would challenge me, teach me some ways of working and help conquer my reluctance to shoot people. This course delivered on all counts. Anka is a great teacher giving the best of her, wiling to share every tip with you. All in all a very fun, informative and top value 2 days experience! I’ll be definetely back for more!

Maria Tutunni

«Anka, thank you so sooo much for the workshop this weekend in Oporto. I just came home and a bit sad, cause it feels like it was a beautiful dream and now I woke up;((jejeje thank you so much for sharing a peace of you with us!! It was incredible to see you work, to see your workflow. So honest, so transparent, so clear. I learned so much from you!!!

Thank you for yours and Sasha’s hospitality. It really felt like at home with you guys. So now I hope to see you soon in Madrid, with your workshop and also come to visit us!! Un abrazo enorme!!!”

Ela Frączkowska.

My meeting with Anka was the one that I will never forget because people with her sensitivity and sense of beauty are very rare. Anka was very generous with her time, knowledge and kindness. She taught me a lot about Photoshop and image creation and for these, I will be forever grateful. Greetings to Sasha and Natalia. And I’m sure we will meet again.

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