Here you may find some impressions from my dear attendees, some explanations from me and some lovely memorable backstages
"......................The most valuable thing I took from her workshop was the insight and clarity of thought she brings to the creative process..........."

insights of the process

First of all my workshops are about getting your own personal experience and diving into the creative process.
I am happy when i manage to inspire people to create something new with a big desire and soul..
We start from scratch and i guide you all the way through to the finish line.
​My main goal is to share with you the things I love, the ideas that touch my heart.
"...............I really liked that Anka at first asked what certain topics and issues I was interested in and then showed and explained options how to handle them.........."
Nika Va
".........................Anka is not only an exceptional artist, but also a gifted teacher. It was a revelation to me to watch her work and share her ideals & thoughts about art and photography. Her images inspire and touch so many people, because she is able to communicate in an enigmatic way through her fine art photography. She sees things the way most can not, and she then is able to communicate it visually. This is most valuable skill to me to learn than any other I can think of, and Anka reveals her perspective so richly, which really inspires you view things in a new light. Whether you are an experienced photographer or a beginner, it doesn't matter because you can learn a great deal from her. The most valuable thing I took from her workshop was the insight and clarity of thought she brings to the creative process, and how to translate this from conception all the way through to post production. These are indeed rare skills to learn in a workshop............".
Peter Stavrinides


There are thousands, millions of ideas.
And there are thousands, millions of ways to realise them.
Sometimes a personality inspires me and then I spend months to create a story for that person. Sometimes we’re just having a walk with my friend and during that walk we meet a beautiful tree or a vintage chair which captures my attention and tadaaa – we are having an improvised photoshoot. Sometimes the idea comes from my dreams, and this is the most difficult case.
During the workshop I will tell you a lot about various sources of inspiration and how to turn your inspiration into a picture.
I have no secrets.
I will guide you through all the stages of creative process and you can ask me any questions about anything you’re interested in.
We are going to create together, helping each other with props, models, cameras.
"...............She injects passion to create into the workshop participants. She forces them to creative thinking rather than just to mindless pressing of the shutter button.........."
"...............That was amazing! Like a step to a completely different level for me. Anka is talented artist, great person and brilliant teacher! She shares her unique experience, deep knowledge, wisdom, attitude and inspires to go further and implement this knowledge. The workshop was well structured and filled with inspiring atmosphere. I enjoyed every moment during those 2 days - useful theory part was followed by great practice, reviews of works and portfolio with honest and professional feedback and advices given in a constructive way, photoshop editing techniques.........."
Olga Kornilova
"...........Ania gives all her 'photographic' self right out. In short, I can only say that meeting her has turned my photographic 'know-how' upside down...well maybe used the wrong phrase here; it's put it on the right track. Watching Ania work, the way she talks about her work and her approach to it - it's all a true pleasure. She injects passion to create into the workshop participants. She forces them to creative thinking rather than just to mindless pressing of the shutter button. Ania's changed my overall approach to photography. Right... from that moment I've been trying to create, and not just press the shutter. I'm sure of one thing, I have been a better photographer since the workshop with Ania........"
​Damian Drewniak


​"...............I was impressed by how she works and interacts with her model; how attentive she is and how effortlessly she conjures up a magical ambiance............."
Izabella Sapula
The best thing is when my model becomes my friend. And it really does not matter if your model is a professional or not.
It’s very important  to be on the same wave with a person I’m photographing.
Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes you just work like a film director, sometimes you have to turn into a psychologist or rather into a kind child’s doctor in order to make your model feel what you feel.
During the workshop you are going to see how I connect  with models and how a person from the real life turns into a hero of a story.
"...............I have always been inspired by Anka's works and I really wanted to attend a workshop with Anka. And finally, it's happened!!! An amazing workshop! Anka is an awesome teacher, she shares everything she knows. She is magnificent and she inspired me. Honestly, this workshop opened my eyes up so much! The atmosphere was perfect – nature and adventure at our fingertips to explore and enjoy was almost an added bonus. Great content and a lot of fun. For me personally, it was the perfect blend of learning many new things but also a reaffirmation that I am on the right track in other existing aspects. Wonderful experience all around, and will be recommending this to everyone looking for an awesome workshop............"
Anna Melnikova


The deeper I go into the photo-process, the more I understand the importance of equipment used, especially when you work in a field of creative photography. Photo-equipment for a photographer is like paints and canvas for a painter.
I’m not a supporter of any particular system, I’m not taking any side, wether it be digital or analog.
But I do a lot of experiments  with various formats, cameras, sizes, matrix types, lenses, media, etc.
​ I’ll share with you the results of those experiments with examples and some tips.
You’ll discover the hidden magic of equipment, you will see which technics I use for my pictures and you will get explanations of why I do so.
"..................Wonderful feeling to know the working kitchen,
even more wonderful feeling to know the inner world.
Sincerity and openness greatest asset which is directly linked to this charming the creator.
Respect Anka........."
Iridijus Svelnys
".......................Great to meet you Anka, I was looking forward to it for a long time. I really liked the friendly way the workshop was delivered.
Thank you for all your attention, explanations full of details and all the tips and tricks you shared with us..............."
Luiza Boldeanu
Being honest, I love analog shoots without any correction and digital ones with a lot of post-production.
Digital for me is too perfect and I’m trying to “improve” it and bring some analog vibes to it.  And I really love to Photoshop.
This is a creative process and you can feel yourself like a painter while Photoshopping.

My way of editing is not about using presets or actions, there is no scheme to copy-paste. But at the same time  it’s not a pure improvisation.
It’s a very thoughtful process which has it’s own logic and rules.
During the workshops I normally manage to show  the post-production of several different images and to explain the logic of the process. Also I show the “before and after” of some photos from my portfolio.


".........My meeting with Anka Zhuravleva was the one that I will never forget because people with her sensitivity and sense of beauty are very rare. Anka was very generous with her time, knowledge and kindness. She taught me a lot about Photoshop and image creation and for these, I will be forever grateful. And I'm sure we will meet again......"
Ela Frączkowska


Locations are more than important. I’m always in search for inspiring places with unique atmosphere and I’m always suggesting to look around yourself.
An inspiring location is not necessarily somewhere in a magical forest of a castle. 
if you keep your eyes wide open  you can be lucky enough to find an amazing spot just by the corner.


"...................I had a chance to meet Anka some time ago in Złodziejewo. I have always been inspired by Ania’s wonderful work. I was interested how she creates magic in her photos, where the inspiration comes from, what Photoshop skills you need to achieve such effects. Naturally, she teaches and explains these things during her workshops but there is something else hidden behind the essential education she gives.
It is something more than pure teaching. She points at things which are around, components of your inner life which lead you to desired results. Not only is Anka a brilliant artist but a person too <3......................"
​Anita Michniewska
".........I am quite new to fine art photography. I wanted a course that would challenge me, teach me some ways of working and help conquer my reluctance to shoot people.
This course delivered on all counts.
Anka is a great teacher giving the best of her, wiling to share every tip with you.
All in all a very fun, informative and top value 2 days experience! I’ll be definitely back for more!......"
Ksenia Borzenka


And after all, we are having a lot of fun during the process. I’m lucky to have the most incredible, passionate, kind, warm-hearted participants from all over the world. No matter the place, weather, season, language, it’s always a spectacular experience of communication with people.
".....................A big big world in a single special person. I was delighted to observe your vision and your way of seeing your world. I loved the taste of it, the colors, the true and deep emotions. Thank you for all of you..........."
Renata Bo

underlining it all

I love what I’m doing. 
The ability to share my passion
with other people is something 
I incredibly appreciate.
Thank you 
".................Such an incredible experience that I would so happily and readily repeat, with the certainty that it would refuel me every time.
Anka is a wonderful, creative, honest person and artist in every sense, with equal talent at imparting her knowledge,
feedback and attention to detail. Her inspiration is truly infectious. So grateful for the experience, thank you <3............"
Marwa Younes
"...............Anka, thank you so sooo much for the workshop this weekend in Oporto. I just came home and a bit sad, cause it feels like it was a beautiful dream and now I woke up; ((jejeje thank you so much for sharing a piece of you with us!! It was incredible to see you work, to see your workflow. So honest, so transparent, so clear. ​ I learned so much from you!!!..........."
​Maria Tutunni
".................If you are still not sure about taking lessons - I'd say totally go for it! ........"
Elina Akselrud
"............You have inspired me so much. I'm so happy I could be in the masterclass. And I really hope, I'll join you, Anka, the next workshops in Lithuania!........."
Eglė Laurinavičė
"............Wonderful experience all around, and will be recommending this to everyone looking for an awesome workshop........"
Anna Melnikova

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