Lena and her horses

Lena and her horses

Behind this shot there is an amazing story.

Me and my classmate were chatting on facebook.

Had not seen each other for a long time cause I moved to another city to live.

And she tells me that suddenly she became an owner of three horses. More precisely, two horses and one foal.

A city woman, an architect, she went to riding courses to entertain herself but her heart could not stand the conditions under which animals were kept, and soon she bought out the first horse, unexpectedly for herself. Then the second one. In the process she was learning to look after them.

And then one of the horses miraculously became a mother.

I really wanted to show on the photo the harmony that I saw between them.

We were walking through the cold forest for many hours and at the very end of the day, when everyone was tired, frozen and the light was almost gone, I managed to make this shot.

On the right – a few photos from that unforgettable day.


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