golden fish

golden fish

For this photo I needed a model with huge blue eyes that I found in the actress Kristina Kuzmina.

I do remember how I was searching an aquarium for the photoshoot in winterish Saint-Petersburg.

How I was sliding through the frozen streets of the city risking to fall down and to break a fragile purchase on my way home. How we were driving  the car from the location to the location trying not to spill out the water from the aquarium. How we were freezing on the piercing wind of the Finnish Gulf among the white infinity of the snow.

I shot this on Hasselblad which came to replace the Mamiya RB67.

However, I still had to interfere in the image using Photoshop and add a goldfish during post-processing because we were actually shooting without the fish (it would be a pity to freeze an innocent creature).


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