online coure by anka zhuravleva.
22 of june - 13 of july
See the detailed program below the outline.
Who is it for?
• For you if you want to learn to edit thoroughly.
• For you if you have watched 100500 tutorials on YouTube, and yet you don't get the desired result.
• For you, if you have never opened Photoshop before, and want to figure out how everything works in there (it may be a bit complicated, but, on the other hand, you get a chance to discover a new wonderful world)

Course objective
It's a super intensive recorded course.
• No boring theory - "hardcore" only! And a lot of practice!
• All the lessons are records from my screen with comments in real time, almost uncut.
• This is the thing of the course, you'll follow the line of my thinking, my logics, my mistakes and, of course, the final result.
How will it go?
• 8 Modules divided into units.
• You'll be given home tasks, and once they are done, you'll be given your works review at the final webinar meeting.
• The course includes a telegram chat where participants may interact, share results and ask for advice.

The course program spoiler
• You'll see all possible and impossible editing techniques, accumulated within years.
• You'll see all my workflow: from working with Raw files to color editing, including portrait retouch and textures.
See below for the detailed description:
Access to materials – 1 year

About the Teacher
• I'm Anka Zhuravleva, an art-photographer with Painting Art background, an architect by education.
• 10 year experience of Photo Work Shops, Master classes and private classes individual programs conducting.
• Photoshop work experience – 20 years
• More than 3000 happy graduates all over the world.
For more details: HERE
• June, 22: Live Webinar + Recorded Class
• June, 23: Recorded Class
• June, 25: Recorded Class
• June, 29: Recorded Class
• July, 02: Recorded Class
• July, 06: Recorded Class
• July, 09: Recorded Class
• July, 13: Webinar – home works review

The recording of the webinars are published next day
What you need to participate?
• Installed Photoshop and Lightroom in English
(I use English version Photoshop)
• Installed Zoom and Telegram messenger.
• Concentration, a will to learn and practice!
• 149 euros.
• My constant students get an additional 20% discount (In case you haven't got a letter from me with a discount coupon, write me in PM)
• You get the 20% discount once you have done at least one of my courses.

Module 1.
Meeting. Editing logics and Inspiration.
Module 1 consists of two parts.

• Webinar meeting at which you can ask me any questions.
• A video lesson about Inspiration, Visually trained eyes and a couple of samples of editing process of different levels.
Module 2.
Raw file. Editing in Lightroom
1. Raw file. Importance of the difference of files in different cameras.
2. Cameras' color profile
3. Under- and Over- exposed images. Things to pay attention to.
4. Lens and its impact on editing
5. Conclusion about the auto-regime and presets.
6. Lightroom. Toning, color changing, highlights, reference.
7. Lightroom. High and Low keys.
8. Bonus lesson. Color grading in 3D LUT Creator

In the photo below you may see an example of
optimizing and toning of the photo in Lightroom (no retouch).

Module 3.
A technically perfect image.
Before the final color correction in Photoshop, before adding special effects or getting to color editing nuances, it's important to brush up the image.

Part 1. Getting rid of waste, useless details using different techniques.

Part 2. Optimizing a potentially interesting image, saving a good concept/idea, and correcting the exposure, colors, sky, etc.

See an example of the image below

Module 4.
Portrait Retouch.
PART 1. Simple Retouch in Photoshop. Basic tools
PART 2. Advanced Retouch in Photoshop. Frequency Separation.
PART 3. "Heavy artillery" when it's an SOS case.
PART 4. Bonus-lesson: Digital makeup.

See an example of the SOS image below

Module 5.
PART 1. The theory of the color, tools in action. Essential principles of compatible color combinations.

PART 2. 'Hardcore' color correction. Color changing of the image without cuts.
See an example of the image below

Module 6.
Impressive BW
PART 1. Unusual way of converting to BW via layers, remembering that BW is not just getting rid of colors and adding contrast. Focus on channels.

PART 2. BW as a tool for the color. Freckles.

See an example of the image below
Module 7.
Editing of the Fine-Art photo. Personal approach
Fine-Art editing is not about special effects or a magic color. It's about attention to details.
With no idea, no story, no concept, no mood, with a lot of visual waste – it's almost next to impossible to get such an image to any better, even with color correction or some texture.
Thus, a huge part of my editing process lays in giving to my images that painterly effect.
This lesson includes all the detailed steps of the editing of one image.
PART 1. Selecting the image, replacing a part of the image, what to do plan.
PART 2. Getting the image to the picturesque/painterly balance.
PART 3. Color palette, sharpness and export.

See an example of one of the variants from the lesson.
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