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Anka was born on December 4, 1980. She spent her childhood with books on art and her mothers’ drawing tools, covering acres of paper with her drawings. In 1997 she entered the Moscow Architectural Institute deciding to follow in her mothers’ footsteps. But at the end of 1997 her mother was diagnosed with cancer and died in less that a year. Then her father died in 1999.
After that Anka’s life changed dramatically. In attempt to keep sane, she plunged into an alternative lifestyle – working as a tattoo artist, singing in a rock-band, sometimes looking for escape in alcohol. In order to make a living while studying, Anka worked at several modeling agencies. Thanks to the drawing lessons she wasn’t afraid to pose nude, and her photos appeared in the Playboy and XXL magazines and at the Playboy 1999 photo exhibition. But she was not looking for a modeling career – it was just a way to make some money.
In 2001 Anka was working in the post-production department at the Mosfilm Studios.
That same winter one of her colleagues invited her to spend a week-end in Saint-Petersburg with his friend, composer and musician Alexandr Zhuravlev.
In less than a month Anka said farewell to Moscow, her friends, her Mosfilm career and moved in with Alexandr in Saint-Petersburg. Living with her loved one healed her soul, and she regained the urge for painting. She made several graphic works and ventured into other areas of visual arts.
In 2002 Gavriil Lubnin, the famous painter and her husband’s friend, showed her the oil painting technique, which she experimented with for the following several years. During that period she made just a few works because each one required unleashing of a serious emotional charge. All those paintings are different as if created by different people.
Anka’s first exhibition took place on a local TV channel live on the air – the studio was decorated with her works.

Several exhibitions followed.
Private collections in Russia and abroad feature her paintings and sketches.
In 2006 Anka noticed that her inspiration often came from photos and decided to take up photography.
Since that time Anka took part in numerous projects – magazine’s publications and covers, book and CD covers,  exhibitions. 
She engage digital photo art and analog film photography  as well.
In 2013 Anka with her husband moves to live in Porto, Portugal.  
Since they moved to Europe she was travelling with her art-photography workshops all over the world during several years.
Over 2000 people took place in her workshops, seminars and master classes during the past several years.


2004 – personal painting exhibition at Jam-Point gallery, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
2005 – personal painting exhibition at Moo-Moo gallery, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
2005 – personal exhibition of paintings and photographs at Borsalino gallery, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
2005 – personal painting exhibition in Chaplin-Club gallery, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
2007 – personal photo exhibition at Jam Hall gallery, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
2009 – personal painting exhibition at El-Barrio art-cafe, Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
2011 – personal photo exhibition Behind the breeze at Foto-wall gallery , Russia, Sankt-Petersburg
2011 – Dali International Photography Exhibition, China
2011 – Post Perestroika world-wide photo-exhibition
2012 – personal photo-exposition at Reflections project , Rostov-on-Don
2015 – personal photo-exhibition at Konstantin gallery, France
2015 – personal exhibiton at Konstantin gallery, Plovdiv.
2016 – personal photo exhibition at gallery Spectrum Sotos, Zaragoza, Spain
2016 – personal photo exhibition at gallery Casa de la imagen, Logroño, Spain
2016 – photo exhibition at Bucharest photofest.
2020 – Dorothy Circus Gallery, group photo exhibition. 

technical skills and current equipment

I love to experiment with equipment.

I have an idea  that cameras and lenses for a photographer are like paints, pencils and canvas for a painter.

No doubts that one can create a masterpiece with mobile camera but sometime to achieve a particular goal you need to tailor your equipment depending on your needs.

I used to have Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Pentacon, etc. and dozens of various lenses.

To the moment my digital camera is Sony A7iii.




Sony A7 iii
Canon 135 2.0L
Sigma Art 50 1.4
Vintage Petzval lens.
Photoshop (subscription)


35 mm film
Canon 5 + various lenses

Nikon fm3a +various lens

Medium format:
Pentax 67 ii
Pentax lens:
105 2.4, 45 4.0
Pentacon lens, adopted to Pentax mount:
180 2.8
300 4.0
500 5.6

Rolleiflex 2.8

Custom camera for using vintage lenses with various cameras and roll film adapters.

Large format:
Various modified cameras from 6×9 cm to 20×24 cm
Various vintage and custom lenses:
Petzvals, aplanats, anastigmats.

Scanner – Nikon Coolscan 8000

Enlarger Durst Laborator
Enlarger Kaiser 700

Hand Printing.
Classical silver printing
Lith Print process

book covers

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